Byron Dixon – Award Winning Entrepreneur
CEO, Micro-Fresh International

Hiten is a gifted coach and after experiencing his coaching in my own business, I would highly recommend any senior leaders or entrepreneurs to reach out to Hiten to explore how his training and coaching could benefit their business. Hiten has helped to develop my team by delivering coaching that is engaging and practical. I think Hiten has a unique ability to connect to people, understand their challenges and deliver training in a way that translates into tangible business results.

Praveen Madire
Founder & CEO Test Triangle, Ireland

Hiten Bhatt’s leadership training programme is very well structured and really helpful in identifying the gaps and areas of improvement in each individual in our team. Hiten is a great motivational speaker and as a coach he really gets you to think about the critical issues that are facing your business and moves you towards the actions you need to take. I would recommend this course to anyone without any hesitation.

Alan Barratt, MBA, DMS, BA (Hons), FCMI
Head of Supply Chain, Cox Automotive UK

The Leadership Adventure is a very powerful and practical programme that every leader should attend. The five secrets are simple truths that we all know that we should be doing as leaders, but we can often forget in the day to day running of a business. Hiten’s programme makes you think and take stock of what is really important.

Olu Orugboh
Managing Director, Synergy Organisational Solutions

If you are serious about growing as a leader, then you really should attend this programme. Hiten’s coaching is exciting and transformative. He coaches you in a very engaging way throughout the programme to really think about your leadership in a unique way that makes a difference to your business!

Michel Laurent-Regisse
Leader Advisor, Leicester City Council

Leadership has been analysed, studied and dissected by experts for years with lots of ideas about what makes an effective leader. I feel that Hiten’s programme, The Leadership Adventure offers leaders a unique introspective insight that turns the focus on the leader themselves, if more leaders followed these principles the world would be a happier place.

Lesley Tull
Vice President Human Resources, Danfoss

The leadership adventure is a thought provoking book that is written to help you think more about leadership and your role in it. This book is about the human side of business and leadership, I encourage you to read it.

Mayank Shah

Hiten is a powerful coach that can really get your team aligned and help you focus as a leader on what is important. His coaching has really helped my team at MSDUK to clarify their personal and professional goals. We are now growing our next generation of leaders and taking the business to our next stage of growth, with a fully motivated and driven team.

Mat Jesson
Leader and Team Coordinator, The Prince’s Trust

Hiten is a gifted coach with the ability to connect to people. I have personally witnessed the massive positive life transformations that have occurred as a result of Hiten’s training workshops. The Leadership Adventure is a programme that can powerfully move you from negativity and doubt into motivation, positivity and action, I recommend it for every leader.

Ekatrina Gavrilova

This was actually a life changing experience for me! I was not sure what to expect but I had heard of Hiten’s work and was drawn to the idea of transformation and change. The most powerful part of the programme was the meditations and day two, it was worth every penny of the investment as my business has grown exponentially since the programme!

Ramesh Gopal
CEO, Sohar Steel Group, Sultanate of Oman

I attended Hiten’s programme in Oman with my senior leadership team and I can honestly say that it was a highly unique and very useful training experience. Having attended many leadership training courses in the past, Hiten training was different because he combines personal and professional development skills really well. I now have so many implementable actions to take back to the business, a very worthwhile experience.

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