What is The Mindful Leader Programme?

UK based Award-Winning Author, International Speaker and Transformational Coach, Hiten Bhatt delivers a powerful and unique 1 day programme to employees, employers and entrepreneurs in key cities across the world which offers practical and proven strategies for them to improve their mental health, wellbeing, gain more focus and become better leaders.

On a personal quest to find practical solutions to his own challenges dealing with stress, anxiety and negative thinking patterns, Hiten has now been in the field of personal development for over 20 years and has successfully delivered his programmes with select groups of senior executives all around the world helping them to be more positive, have more focus, transform their leadership to motivate their teams and transform their personal habits to create more wellbeing in their lives.

Based around Hiten’s book, The Mindful Leader Programme is engaging, unique and transformative.

What you will gain by attending this programme
and why you should book?

  • You will gain a greater ability to focus and to harness the immense power of mindfulness to drive your life and your business forwards.

  • You will learn the key skills to keep stress and anxiety under control and develop a greater self-awareness to take early action.

  • You will learn the key skills and implementable strategies for creating a positive and productive climate in the workplace.

  • You will gain a greater ability to deal with change be more positive, deal with pressure and build up mental resiliency.

  • You will work towards creating a healthy work/life balance and articulating clearly goals that are important in your personal life and career

  • You will examine the habits and patterns of behaviour that may be holding you back and to harness the power of NLP and Meditation for personal transformation

What makes the programme so powerful and unique?

This is the ultimate mental health and wellbeing programme because it approaches this subject from a very practical (body learning) standpoint rather than just (cerebral learning) theory.

The programme draws upon:-

  • Coaching & Emotional Intelligence EQ Skills
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Techniques
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Yoga, Tai Chi & Breathing Techniques
  • Life Coaching & Visualisation Techniques
  • Martial Arts & Positive Psychology

Experiential learning techniques and high impact practical training are blended into a unique training experience. Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic methods are implemented so delegates are engaged and thoroughly enjoy this active learning process. The programme is set on solid and researched foundations of many disciplines brought to life with creativity and the unique delivery style of international speaker Hiten Bhatt

What is covered in the programme?