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The Leadership Adventure Book


Hiten’s Award-Winning unique book contains five powerful leadership secrets that will transform, your business, your team and your life. Get ready for an adventure of self-discovery. The Leadership Adventure teaches anyone who finds themselves in a leadership position how to do an outstanding job to get the best out of others. We are all leaders! If you are a parent you are a leader to your child, if you have a spouse, partner or friend you will at times be a leader to them and of course if in your career or business you are responsible for a team you are a leader.

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Leadership extends into all areas of life, developing  great leadership qualities in people is vital for organizations and businesses to stay ahead of the competition and really maximize productivity, profits and results. Leadership is also a journey of self-discovery and personal development, an adventure! Hiten’s book sets out the road map for leadership greatness. The five powerful secrets of leadership discussed in the book are brought to life through The Leadership Adventure Programme™ a unique transformational coaching programme, Hiten delivers to senior leaders and successful entrepreneurs all across the world.

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Hiten Bhatt is the CEO of BE GREAT Training, a powerful International Speaker, Award-Winning Author and Leadership Transformation Coach helping leaders across the world transform their business to make more profit and their lives to make more happiness. Former lawyer, Hiten Bhatt has spent over 20 dedicated years in the fields of professional and personal development drawing upon a wide range of experience, disciplines and achievements

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  • Qualified Executive Coach
    Award-Winning Author
  • International Speaker with programmes established in MENA, US, Europe
    and Asia
  • Master NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Delivered leadership programmes to senior executive teams of Fortune 500 companies.
  • Qualified Cognitive Behavioural CBT Therapist
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills Coach
  • Qualified Meditation & Yoga Teacher
  • Martial Arts Instructor specialising in Tai Chi

Hiten’s training workshops and coaching sessions are unique, transformational experiences that have positively impacted businesses and changed the lives of individuals all around the world. Hiten has helped business owners and entrepreneurs gain crystal clarity about their direction and vision. He has coached leaders at all levels within corporate organizations on how to truly motivate teams, increase productivity and employee engagement. Hiten often asks leaders an interesting question, if living things grow, and you are not growing, what are you?

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Hiten Bhatt

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